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Today is pre-Thanksgiving preparations, making as much as you can get away with so that the oven is freer, the schedule is lighter and your sanity stays intact. So far, I got the brioche dough done, it is doing its second rising, it might go in the oven tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning, the pumpkin pies are in the oven as we speak, the dogs were very excited with that one, they love pumpkin so I had a lot of circling and sniffing while I was busy spooning the filling into the pie shells and later I will be making my butternut squash soup. That should clear my time table quite a bit for tomorrow. I will also have more time to pay attention to our attention demanding beasts.lol


Jack, Lulu and Stanley are hovering in the background, focused on not missing anything that may fall to the ground. Wait until tomorrow my canine friends, you will be in sheer heaven because the poultry will be in the oven, basting itself with the blanket of white wine and melted butter I will have drenched the cheesecloth in that will be draped over the bird.

Who is going to be begging from under the table I wonder. lol