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My husband and I went to see the final installment of the Hunger Games, we loved it of course. It brought a very solid sense of closure to the series. I didn’t read the books, which while watching each part at the movies made me very glad, because the suspense and the emotional response was completely spontaneous. 

This last movie was no different, I went in without a clue as to how the story ended and I wasn’t disappointed, I sat on the edge of my seat through all of the trials Katniss endured in her quest for societal justice.

What I enjoyed about Katniss’ evolution as a character was, despite her being drafted as the rebellion’s mascot, she never lost sight of the greater good, never lost sight of how easily tyranny encroaches, if there aren’t checks and balances, in addition to open and transparent elections, she knew she had to make sure those mistakes weren’t going to be repeated. Her strength sustained her, no matter the challenge or the danger.

I am going to miss the fictious world we were invited to visit for the past several years on the big screen. I really enjoyed the journey with Katniss.