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We are back in New York, right in the heart of the city,  at 44th and 8th Avenue, I took the perfunctory pictures from our room.  I love how New York City looks from up above, I especially get a kick at gazing down  onto rooftop gardens. My husband and I walked a bit  before sitting down for Sushi at this little place right off 8th Avenue and 50th Street. New York, no matter the weather, always has its sparkle,  but when you add rain, the streets light up in all of the hues that light up the billboards.

The celebratory quarter of a century mark is of our marriage, twenty five years ago, my husband and I said I do and we are in the city to mark the anniversary. A night in a nice hotel, reservations  at the Modern, the Museum of Modern Art’s restaurant, I have heard and read so many  good things about this restaurant, I can’t wait until  tonight, just imagining  how creative the  kitchen must be, it’s affiliated to the MOMA after all, I am so excited!!!

Then for tomorrow, we are meeting my mother at La Grenouille, a French culinary institution  from the era of the 1970’s, the good old days of the New York restaurant scene.. Ask any professional waiter and they will tell you that back in the 1970’s, that was when you made a living, especially at the famous French restaurants, it was the decade before credit cards so it was an all cash business, power lunches were the norm and the night life was  wild. It was a much different city back then, I’m glad that La Grenouille  is still around, it helps feed the nostalgia that sometimes  hits you when you look around the city and  parts of it don’t look like what you remember  growing up.

I am so very excited for these two days, yummy food and more yummy food. Hooray!