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Walking our three bundles of energy is a challenge to say the least, especially when you do it alone. I prefer doing it with either one of our children, first of all it’s nice to talk and walk with them and secondly another pair of hands is welcome, especially when trying to keep the leashes untangled and keeping Stanley from chewing Jack’s leash at the base where it meets Jack’s collar. That gets annoying because Jack gets really irritated and trouble then ensues with Lulu putting herself between them  and ugh, it’s craziness. 

I remember watching dogwalkers in New York City when I would be walking from one building to another on the N.Y.U campus in the village, those dogwalkers made it look easy, the dogs walked nicely alongside each other, big and small, each doing their business without a fuss. I don’t know how they did it. 

On the other hand, our dogs do their business with a lot of fuss, Lulu when she goes to the bathroom, once she is done, her legs go flailing furiously everywhere, with Jack and Stanley getting covered in leaves and dirt. And then Jack and Stanley converge  on the spot, noses sniffing real hard before they each mark that spot. Meanwhile, Lulu is pulling to the right and to the left, vigilant and watchful for any sign of birds and chipmunks or squirrels, so your arms and shoulders get a work out trying to keep her in check because Lulu is a very powerful 46 lbs of muscle, Jack and Stanley merely try to keep up. Lulu is a powerhouse, but she is the most affectionate and loving powerhouse, she loves with everything she has and when she is excited you feel it. lol