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To those who have no soul,

What is wrong with you?! I am sitting here with my stomach in my throat, wondering what some of my family who live in Paris are going through, what the rest of my family in France are dealing with, the panic, the terror and the anguish the French people must be feeling right now.

There is no justification for using terror as a means to an end, especially where the end isn’t clear, the means are murderous and the perpetrators cowardly retreat to the shadows. If you feel wronged come out into the open, don’t take advantage of a political system, a cultural system based on the ideals of equality, liberty and fraternity that welcomes immigrants and tries to intergrate them into their society. 

What is your end goal? This has nothing to do with religion, because Islam as understood by the prophet Mohammed is all about peace. The Christian extremists  that we have in the United States, who are willing to take up arms against our government because they belong to the KKK or other rightwing militias, retreat as you do, hiding behind the shield of religion to give yourselves any excuse to commit crimes and horrendous acts of violence. You terrorists are pitiful human beings, you have nothing in your lives because you make nothing of your life, your ideas are empty, your hearts are empty and  this will come back to haunt you in the end.

I am sick over this, it breaks my heart to think that my family is frightened, that they feel vulnerable and that they don’t know if this is a one time event or if there is more to come and because of that their emotional and psychological states must be very fragile and insecure.  

You will get yours, karma has a lot of patience and doesn’t forget.