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Ugh, I am not feeling it this year. I thought that being home for a week, I would be able to get my act together and concentrate on the blank page, but my head isn’t in it. Are you ready for my litany of excuses? I haven’t shared this yet, but I have had my fair share of doctor visits in the past two weeks, I have been experiencing pain in my esphogeal area, radiating all the way through to my back for several months, so my doctors has been ordering tests and those take time to set up and undergo, the good news is so far everything is normal. Ordinarily I would be thrilled, but as some may understand, when you have a chronic source of pain and/or discomfort, finding out that your tests are negative or normal can be disappointing. I have one more scheduled on Novemeber 30th and hopefully this one will lead to some answers.

I am not blaming Stanley or Jack or Lulu, but I forgot how much work a puppy can be, the house training is going pretty well, it’s the teething that is quite a bit of work and keeping Lulu and Jack out of Stanley’s food bowl. He needs to eat several times a day whereas the two adults have their twice a day schedule and they are not too happy with the imbalance, they want to eat as much as Stanley, even if they don’t need to because they are done growing, obviously they never received the memo.

So with all that, I sit down on the couch, and I feel too tired to dig down deep to find the inspiration to paint the pages with descriptive words, a compelling plot and character development. I’ll get to writing, I am simply not sure that I will be able to churn out the 50,000 words necessary to win the challenge. So far I am clocking in at 1000 words after 12 days, very shabby I confess.