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What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?
I am not sure if I could honestly say that I’m there as of yet. I have quite a few guilty pleasures, I’m pretty sure that none are so good that I would trumpet them from my roof top. There is my supreme downfall, that is the raw cookie dough, the Keebler’s fudge stripe cookie, anything ice cream and many junk food chocolates such as Snickers, all of them, be it in candy or ice cream form, Hersey’s Kisses, Twix and Milkways. These are my edible guilty pleasures and I am not proud of them, I fight against them quite often, well not really against them, but more specifically the areas in my brain that want to drown in chocolate and the unhealthy combination of sugar, butter and all of the chemical additives that make up the addictive sweet mess.

I haven’t even gotten to the televison zone of guilty pleasure. I am still a furtive Real Housewives of whatever County viewer, ashamed of the pleasure that watching all of the housewives gives me, it is an embarassment, what does it say about me, that I am drawn to watching these grown women argue and fight over the pettiest of things.

However, I do not consider my loyalty to General Hospital as a guilty pleasure, my soap opera viewing pleasure isn’t something to be ashamed of, soap operas have a long and dignified history, they have been a source of comforting stories to many generations and I am proud to be a part of that fan base.

My latest guilty pleasure can be found on the U.S.A network, Crissley Knows Best, I can’t help myself, it is a riot. As far as reality shows, this one is a nice one, Todd Crissley is a family man who wants the best for his family and it shows, what makes it a guilty pleasure is the way he goes about it. My favorite person on the show is Julie his wife, followed by Savannah their daughter and I would put Faye, Todd’s mother in a class by herself, bless her heart.

I feel pretty superficial right about now lol