We’ve only had Stanley for a month and a week and everyday we tell Stanley to stop growing so darn fast. It’s crazy, there are days where he looks as if he grew an inch or two overnight and picking him up every day, I can feel the difference, he is getting so solid.

I haven’t forgotten our two characters, Heckle and Jeckle, I mean Jack and Lulu. lol They both look a little morose in their picture. I asked our son if he thought we were good dog owners. He said  he thought so, we may not be the best dog trainers, but our dogs  live a pretty hedonistic life, they get hugs and cuddles, they get walked on top of having free rein of a fenced in back yard, they don’t have a shortage of squeaky toys and doggie treats. I was just wondering because I know I am awful at training, I don’t have the discipline for it and I prefer  petting them and hugging them to teaching them proper behavior. Do dogs need to be raised with  structure and rules like children do, because no matter what children will tell you, innately they want structure, they want  rules and boundaries  so back to my question do dogs have the same needs?  Our dogs don’t run amok, but they have permission to climb on us, the furniture  and the beds.. They feel  like they have a voice, I say this because they aren’t shy with their vocalizations.lol 

 We love our dogs and I know they love us. I suppose  we are all lucky.