I think these pictures show just how dynamic, exciting and energetic this city is in just a 20 foot radius. All I had to do was take a few steps this way and that and look up, the city took care of the rest when it came to informing my pictures. Another glorious day in the neighborhood, 73 degrees, the sun is shining with a light river’s breeze, making the leaves dance on their branches.

My husband took me to lunch at Cafe Un, Deux, Trois on 44th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue. It’s a New York institution nowadays, always busy and the food is good, solid French fare, nothing terribly fancy but still delicious. We both had the asparagus soup to start, followed by an endive salad with roquefort cheese, walnuts and apples and then the plat de resistance, crepe classique, which is ham and swiss cheese in a buckwheat crepe topped with an egg sunny-side up paired with a side of French fries. It was spectacularly simple yet so very yummy. I finished my plate clean, no licking mind you, but it was quite clean, those fries were perfect, thin and crispy, perfectly salted. I couldn’t stop myself. What a treat. I took pictures of the cafe because it is so stereotypically French. My artwork was left at the Cafe, thrown away by now I’m sure, I do love to doodle, I wish more restaurants had crayons out for the adults, not just for kids, coloring is very therapeutic, I think.