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Stanley decided he had to be in the picture, not just the pansies, otherwise it wouldn’t be a perfect picture. Stanley our little ham.

Boston hasn’t been informed of the change in seasons, there are flowers all about, the leaves are changing colors and slowly falling, but if you want to see roses, hydrangea and anemones, take a stroll along Atlantic Avenue. 






 We are taking Stanley back home to Blandford, back to Jack and Lulu, it is obvious he misses them. I have had to play with Stanley full-time  without his romping buddies. I miss Jack and Lulu as well, my little monkey and Lulu our  affectionate princess, they do help with the baby baby, keeping him occupied and included. 

Having older dogs makes having a puppy easier, much like having older siblings  for the newborn,  you have instant  playmates and role models  so housetraining  and puppyproofing are easier  for most everyone involved. Thanks Jack and Lulu!