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The Nichols household is ready for the trick or treaters, I think. I bought a lot of candy, on top of what my husband had gotten and I still don’t know if we have enough. Today is Saturday and it’s a gorgeous day in the neighborhood, so we may have underestimated, trick or treat may go extra long this year. The kids and parents won’t be cold, daylight savings time isn’t until tomorrow, and tomorrow is still part of the weekend, parents won’t especially care if their kids are hopped up on sugar. This may be a long night, we might have a candy rebellion and I don’t have any back up candy. Oh boy. I may have to batten down the hatches. If only we  had a moat, I could then pull up the drawbridge, my husband and I have always fantasized about having a moat, over excited trick or treaters would be an excellent reason for having one.