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Look how cute he is, I know I always tell Jack that he is soooo cute, but I think Stanley has him beat when it comes to absolute cuteness. Jack is still the cutest in the way he carries himself and all of his character quirks, but I won’t tell him that Stanley makes us all go awww because he won’t like it. 

The entire family has been carrying Stanley around like a baby because we all know that this isn’t going to last, not for long. Each day, as we pick him up, one of us exclaims “he’s heavier today than yesterday”. Stanley is already taller than Jack and it has only been two weeks. We got Stanley the 3rd and today is the 20th, he is growing by at least a leap, if not, almost a bound.

Stanley is starrting to learn some tricks from Jack and Lulu and it is of course adorable.

Puppyhood is always an adventure, no matter who, where, why or how you look at it; everything gets impacted, your sleep, the other dogs, your house, your yard and the puppy itself. It keeps life entertaining that is most definite.