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Climate change and horrific viruses are very much on the minds of writers and film makers these days. Hopefully the powers that be everywhere in the world will wake up and do something more substantial about it because I am not looking forward to potential future reality as it has been depicted in more and more movies and books.

The sequel didn’t disappoint, I actually screamed at one point, I was caught unawares and I haven’t done that in a very long time. I got tired just trying to keep up with the kids, excellent runners all of them, I left the movie convinced that when the apocalypse hits, I’m a goner because I can’t run, just way too tired, so my only hope is someone carrying me to safety.

We really liked the movie, it did what we require of all of our movies, kept us in suspended belief, disbelief and fantasy, outside of the real world, simply focused on the story for the length of the movie. I do not want to give anything away because it is worth a visit to the movies. I can tell you that while you’re watching, there are societal questions that run through your mind, not just bad guy versus good guy, but more complex than simply black and white. I only read the first book and that was a while ago, what I like about movies when adapted from books is that they reflect the larger and deeper questions fundamental to the success of that particular book.

So if you like the Maze Runner series, go see the sequel I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.