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All of these new pathways are  by grace of Lulu,  not from her own design,  she just follows Jack  everywhere he goes,  though Jack’s 14 lbs  don’t quite have the same effect as Lulu’s 45 lbs, hence the new pathways.

These new pathways are giving me ideas for a new configuration for my gardens because Stanley is following in Lulu’s footsteps and his 12 lbs will soon become a much heavier 100+ lbs  so these pathways will become permanent.

I have  my favorite lilies that will need saving, so I need to figure out where I can put them next year, safe from trampling pups. These pictures down below show what a difference chilly temperatures and big dogs can make in such a short time. 

On the other hand, Lulu has done a lot of “weeding” in the other garden where the hydrangea is flowering, she cleared an entire path of bishop’s weed that had gotten away from me while I was over in France and for that I am grateful. Lulu has actually given me an idea for that garden, I am thinking of putting flagstone, like the ones that make up the two tiers, along where she paces so that she has something sturdy to walk on and she won’t trek in as much mud when it’s wet. I think a stone walkway within the garden would look very pretty. Thanks Lulu, I might even repeat it elsewhere.