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Our daughter and I took the three dogs off to the vet’s to get their checkups and for Stanley to continue his vaccination schedule as well as for Jack and Lulu to get their boosters plus with the added bonus of those always odorous fecal samples.

I have to say that the three of them behaved themselves very, very well. There was an emergency during our allotted time and Jack, Lulu and Stanley were so patient  waiting for the doctor to return. My daughter kept me entertained with little nuggets off the web while Jack sat quietly on my lap, Lulu laid on the floor and Stanley rested underneath my chair. We arrived at our appointment at 1:30 and we didn’t leave until 3:30 so it wasn’t a short length of time that we were waiting for the vet to deal with that serious emergency. I hope that everything turned out okay for the dog and its owners. 

On a happy note, the vet was so happy with Jack’s weight, I felt relieved because I worry about Jack and his incessant appetite, I want my little man to stay with us for a very, very long time. Lulu has become such a sleek beauty, the vet couldn’t say enough nice things about her awesome physicality, our daughter has done such a fantastic job nursing Lulu back to health. Her father and I are so very proud of her.

Now for Stanley, everyone was over the moon with Stanley, I mean, who doesn’t fawn over a puppy? His temperament so far is pretty wonderful, calm and affectionate, he loves to  cuddle and  he doesn’t mind much of anything so far.

It was a pretty long afternoon but a good one, all the pups are in good health  and in good shape.