This morning was a morning for travel and Hartford conveniently provides air travel, train travel and bus travel options with being only 45 minutes away from our house. I drove the back way to give my mother a tour of the bucolic rolling hills of Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. We passed by several farms that are medium sized but yet large enough to provide their summer time produce to my local supermarket, little things like that make me very happy.

The first stop was Bradley airport for my husband and next stop was Hartford train station at 1 Union Place. The train station is a historic building, you can imagine what it looked like way back when during America’s grand love affair with the railroad.

I never understood why train stations seemed to attract lower value real estate and businesses rather than revitalize the neighborhood surrounding it.  Boston isn’t necessarily the case but when I think of Penn Station and Port Authority in New York City, I find it stange that the number of business people and tourists don’t provide more economic stimulation for those two transportation hubs.

Hartford’s train station isn’t so bad looking, they have kept it up and it is very close to downtown Hartford which puts you in walking distance to nice hotels, theaters and universities. 

My mother was very impressed by how close we are in Blandford to many pretty areas and not only pretty but each quite different than the other. The variety of attractions in Western MA is part of the reason we are inundated with tourists throughout the year.

We had a great time together this weekend, the kids were with us and my mother got a kick of the new puppy Stanley. She enjoyed my cooking which is always a wonderful thing to have your mother appreciate your talents in the kitchen.