My  mother came up to my neck of  the woods and we took the opportunity to take a ride over to Great  Barrington  to have brunch at Patisserie Lenox and visit  Windy Hill Farm where you can go apple picking. We didn’t go apple picking, instead we walked around the farm  enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful  arrangements of chrysanthemum, late summer perennials,  and pumkins 

When we got back home, my mother, my daughter, the three dogs and I went for a walk in Watson Park. I took these pictures from the top of the hill, on a gorgeous day like today, the view is magnificent.

Walking the dogs was an adventure, Lulu was fine with her mommy, my daughter, Jack was too rambuctious for my mother so she walked Stanley, his first walk in the park ever and he was just the right speed for my mother, it was so adorable to watch.

Jack is still being a grump with Stanley, Stanley doesn’t mind, he still tries to play with Jack as if his growls don’t matter at all.