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Stanley is so adorable, we all love him and we can’t stop saying that he is way too cute, he can’t be real and be this cute. Jack may not exactly agree but he’ll grow to love him just like he grew to love Lulu, his partner in crime. Soon Stanley will be included into their motley crew of misbehaving bandits. Oh just imagine the fun they will have, the three of them plotting to sneak into the treat jar,  open the dogfood canister and whatever other mischief to be done. Good times lol

Back to forgetting about the world of puppyhood; the accidents, the teething, the all-nighters because said puppy sleeps a lot during the day and gets his day and night backwards. Our son has  decided to take Stanley as his dog and is doing all of the hard work though watching him deal with Stanley is bringing me back in time when our beloved Rex was a puppy back in 2001. Rex didn’t have many accidents but the teething and the all-nighters were pretty challenging. It was all worth it, as it will be with Stanley.