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I was looking forward to my clematis blooming and I wasn’t disappointed,  though I wish the blooms were facing  my backyard and not towards the neighbors. I’m sure they don’t mind the pretty flowers  on they way to their backyard. Autumn is well  on its way here in Blandford. Today we closed the pool, so that is one less item to worry about and the grass was cut, probably for the last time this year.

If you look closely at the picture of my hydrangea, you’ll see little Stanley with his head in one of my hostas. He really likes my plants, he is a tiny thing so I don’t worry, but come next spring, he will almost be a different dog, more like a canine toddler. I’ll definitely be worrying for my poor plants then, that’s  for sure lol.

Actually back to my clematis, I put the protection up around it, far too late to save the first clematis, but next year I may get blooms in early spring as well as late summer. How exciting!

We haven’t even gotten to Halloween and I’m already planning for spring.. What am I to do with myself?  This weekend I am going to make a butternut squash soup, that should put me in the mood to embrace autumn and all of its gifts.