These pictures were taken only two weeks ago while it was still hot in New York. We had taken my mother out to lunch at a small Bistro called Cafe Henri, we had a delicious lunch, we each had something different, but very tasty. This little French restaurant is definitely on our list of places we must return and order many other items, especially for a well-deserved brunch for example.

In my experience, growing up in Astoria meant going into New York City with my family for many, many years and I have to confess that I had never imagined Long Island City to grow into the “posh” little enclave that it has become over the past few years. 

It is so sleek and modern looking compared to what it was for so many years. It used to be rundown old buildings, empty warehouses and empty lots. Developers swooped in and they have transformed the area to now what has become a hot real estate commodity for all the newest young professionals who can’t afford Manhattan.

As we walked along the river, we were very much impressed not only by the neighborhood but the view. A gorgeous clear view of the Manhattan skyline, on a clear day like this one, it’s a view that is hard to beat.