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Here is my photo taken with my cellphone. LOL. It was 10:45 p.m towards the end of the lunar eclipse. In person, it was a little more dramatic, but with cellphones, at least mine, I don’t have the proper magnification capabilities, a way to create a sturdy surface while aiming up to the night sky and the capability for long exposure. These are some of the lessons my cousin Francoise gave me when we were doing night shots together, she had her professional equipment while I had my iPhone special. When we were taking pictures of the New York skyline, it was one thing, my cellphone did very well but with a lunar eclipse, the fact that the moon was in eclipse against a black sky, I needed so much more than what any iPhone has in its basic photo applications tool kit. 

My husband took much better pictures prior to the eclipse in the backyard. 

Astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson had some fun with the lunar eclipse on twitter. He was poking fun over the brouhaha about the “supermoon” saying that it’s comparable to making the same big deal of a 16″ pizza against its regular 15″pizza and he didn’t end there. He made some comments about naming it the “blood moon” and women menstrual cycles and why they don’t make sense together, he also made reference to “harvest moon” designation and how agriculture present day has shifted so very far away from its roots and rhythms. Basically the only thing Neil DeGrasse Tyson was excited about was the lunar eclipse and how billions of people on this side of the hemisphere were able to see the same phenomena collectively, that was his point and it is a pretty great one. Assigning descriptives to make it something its not is the least exciting aspect of what happens fairly rarely in our cosmos, coming together in awe and respect to the relationship between moon, planet and sun is what this is really all about.