Don’t we look happy? We were back together once more. We had such a lovely evening at Claudine and Marc’s house, they graciously opened their home and kitchen to us and we laughed and laughed while eating superb food prepared by Claudine with Marc always in the background making sure that glasses were never empty, plates replaced as appropriate and his wit, he is second to none when it comes to that witty repartee. He makes me laugh so easily with his rapid fire dry humor. 

Claudine opened the meal up with coquilles St Jacques, the scallops were served in their shell, simply dressed with their jus, it was eating scallops at their best; not overly sauced or hidden by an avalanche of breadcrumbs, simplicty at its core and the scallops were allowed to shine. The next course were shrimp in their shell roasted with Pastis and garlic and other things, it was absolutely delicious, we were taking our bread and dipping it into the casserole afterwards. YUMMY!

My cousin Francoise just sent me these pictures and I had to share them, I look so happy in the pictures.

This is back at the Abbeye at Fecamp, they had an interesting artistic exhibit and after the exhibit, we stopped by the cafe where you can have a taste of Benedictine if you like and even have a bite to eat if you choose. 

A fantastic day.