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We came to New York and stayed with my mother, my mother and I popped into New York City for a quick errand. That is the beauty of where she lives, a trip into New York City just to buy sea scallops takes all of a couple of hours, including 30 blocks of walking, we love to walk and try to get in 10,000 steps as often as possible.

We got back to her house and we made a nice dinner for ourselves. She had a ratatouille already ready from the other day, she reheated it and also made quinoa, which was added to the ratatouille. I tried to sear the sea scallops, didn’t quite get the sear I wanted, I think because I chose the wrong pan, I used a Teflon pan when I should have used a stainless steel pan. I also didn’t let the pan get hot enough I think, though I did get a light caramelization on them.

I put them aside while I made the sauce, which is the same sauce I make for a lot of different things that call for a sauce. I finely chopped four shallots and sauteed them until they were nice and soft in grapeseed oil, after that I turned up the heat to high, then added about 1/4 of white wine and about 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and let it reduce until it became syrupy. I turned the heat down to med-low and this is when I added a half-pint of heavy cream and gently let it heat up, I added salt and pepper. 

Since I didn’t cook the sea scallops all the way through on purpose, because I wanted to add them back into the sauce, I deliberately had them on the side because I knew they would give up some nice juices to add to the sauce.

My mother and I shared a lovely meal of sea scallops in a shallot cream sauce with quinoa and ratatouile. I didn’t take any pictures because I was caught up in the moment of cooking and talking with my mother, it was really nice to cook for her, at least partially.