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Late summer harvests are always so welcome, it’s a last hurrah for great vegetables. My husband and our children did a fantastic job of keeping the garden not only alive, but thriving during the rainless three weeks I was away, no small feat. I was able to bring a nice bagful of vegetables to my mother this week, the queen of vegetables, she was duly impressed.

I learned quite a few things this year with our vegetable garden and next year it will be not bigger, but more diverse and better organized. The most important lesson I learned was space in between plantings is a huge element in the success of your crop, something I will be very mindful of next time. I also learned  that propping up your tomato plants is not a choice, but really a necessity and I need better fencing to keep my omnivore pooches from snacking on my vegetables.

I can’t wait for next year. šŸ˜€