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Etretat was the next and last stop before we returned back to my cousin’s house. I wish that we had gotten there early in the morning so that I could have taken better pictures. We, the three of us, were frustrated taking these shots against the light because to the naked eye, the beauty of the arch and the needle formation doesn’t hinge on where the sun lies in the sky, our eyes are far superior to any camera lens. 

Here in the following pictures, you are seeing Etretat’s beauty dimmed by shadow, however there are two pictures  showing the drama of the cliff-face in full sun, the opposing cliffside to Etretat, so if you just transpose that image onto the cliff at Etretat, then you will see what I was seeing that day.

As you can see in the picture right above, this was my vantage point for picture taking, as I was checking my pictures, I noticed that you can see people on top of the cliffs, they look like ants, I thought it was cute.

I am not a photographer, but I can easily see why photographers take reams of pictures, you want to capture the essence of what you are perceiving at that moment, from every angle so that you can translate your impression to others.

I still get amazed by how well my iphone takes pictures, I haven’t even enhanced any of these pictures, the closeups are from the “zoom” that’s it, these are as I took them on Spetember 2nd, just over a week ago. My time in France was way too short.