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As you will see later with more pictures, Fecamp is a charming port town on the English Channel with breathtaking views of the sea and cliff faces that I would argue rival the white cliffs of Dover over in England. Its history is long and illustrious, from early man to Gallo-Roman to Norman to the English to incorporation with French Royalty and each important date thereafter in modern French history; regardless it has maintained its idyllic facade of a quaint and charming fishing town, easy to fall in love with as you will see.







 Our daytrip to the upper Normandy coast was amazing, the weather was perfect, interesting skies creating the perfect backdrop for our photographs, a bracing breeze off the sea reminding us that we were in seafood country. We tried to eat lunch right at the port, but too many people had the same idea so we went further into town and had excellent mussels a la Normande, a lovely aromatic cream sauce which I highly recommend if you are ever given the choice next time you order mussels at your local seafood restaurant.

I can still smell the sea if I close my eyes and let my mind wander back to that day.