We were my cousin’s house for yet another family get together. Their dog Canelle (Cinnamon) who I have met before, was so happy to see everyone, especially my niece and nephew. I scratched her hips and told her my usual doggy sweetnothings, she is so sweet! It did make me miss my Jack and Lulu even more, but I will see them both very soon.

 As my time in Bordeaux slowly winds down, I am getting misty. My aunts and uncle, who I have spent time with as I always have in the past, have been reminicing of the years when they were much younger, I sit and listen, trying to absorb as much of their memories as I can.

Perhaps what I miss most, when I am not with them, is how young I feel, not in relation to their age, but in terms of how they have always taken care of me as one of their own. When they speak of me, I am not Laurie, I am la petite, the little one, just like when I was 8, 13 or 16. I do not take offense, I embrace it. It is always an honor in my book to have not one or two parental figures, but more like a tribe of parental figures, you get different perspectives and types of love. There can never be too much love in one’s life.