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At this gathering we were 24, ranging in age from 14 months to 88 years old. The last time we had everyone together, I think we numbered 90 and that was quite a few years ago, our family has multiplied numerous times since then and even with the death of my aunt, we still come out being a much larger family.

This is the reason for all of the mini-parties, we can’t house all of us, we have to break it up into parcels of between 15 and 25 just for practicality.

It does make for a lot of eating and we are so lucky that our aunts are the most amazing cooks, we eat like royalty.

Tomorrow we are having clafoutis with goat cheese and peppers, we are having sausages on the barbecue and a gratin of courgettes and potatoes. It is going to be so extraordinarly yummy especially with the homemade apple tarts afterwards.

My sister’s place is so lovely, we couldn’t have asked for a better venue. I shouldn’t say her place, it is a rental, but the spirit of the place is enticing, I’m sure my sister wouldn’t mind having some acreage here sometime in the future.