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My cousin Leon took me out to reconnect with our “childhood” friends from 30 years ago who, one of them, has a house right on the road alongside the port of La Teste de la Buche. The clouds were starting to menace thunderstorms and pouring rain, but lucky us it didn’t happen until well after dinner.

The following morning my cousin, his friend and I had breakfast closer to my sister’s rental in Le Canon but still on the same bay, the Bay of Arcachon, whichever side you find yourself, it is incredibly beautiful.

This trip is very bittersweet, one of my cousins is dealing with a serious health issue, my aunts and uncle are in their eighties, in the back of my mind I feel Father Time counting minutes and seconds. I am forcing myself to embrace the here and now.

In the fourth picture down, I zoomed in a little bit to show the Dune de Pyla across the bay, a spectacular dune, the tallest in all of Europe and one that I climber very often as a child.