I was very excited to visit Mont St. Michel before driving down to see my family, my mother and my sister and I haven’t had a chance to travel together the way we used to in such a long time, it reminded me of so many great stories of our childhood, it’s been a real gift.
I loved the atmospheric pictures I got with the sky we had today, it made for some very ominous feeling pictures. The Abbey started being built in 1017 and it took 500 hundred years for the entire structure to be finished as we see it now. I’m sure that if it had been sunny today, I wouldn’t have had the somber result I had gotten, I’m glad for the clouds, all of them.
The surrounding beach and marshlands add to the eerie and haunting feeling of the Abbey, perched on its Mont alone in height and seperated by water but connected by land and the lunar cycle. It truly is a wonder of the Western world.

Our hotel fits its setting, set alongside a river with a beautiful old stone bridge straddling it, you couldn’t ask for a better place to rest your head before a long roadtrip the next day.