I got such a kick out of the rolling tourists, I wasn’t paying attention to the background. I am in the heart of Paris, so you can close your eyes and click, click, click and you will still have captured something old and imposing, as well as beautiful.

I walked from La Place de l’Etoile all the way to the Palais de Luxembourg which is over the Seine and down the Boulevard Saint Germain, in other words a long, long walk. 

I felt as if I had Paris to myself up until I got to the Louvre and the rue Rivoli, there I found crowds and groups as well as tour buses. It wasn’t until I looked across from the  other side of the river that I could really appreciate the complete grandeur of the Louvre. It was originally built as a palace, I could never imagine living in a palace as gargantuan as the Louvre, you could spend months just looking for someone. Forget if that person doesn’t want to be found, it would be every parent’s nightmare, a recalcitrant toddler who does not want to be found for their daily nap, good luck.