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I love these flowers, although my new vegetable patch ate into quite a bit of their territory, it made me sad pulling up the tiny plants while I was prepping the area pre-planting. These flowers are however, sturdy and stubborn, they will prevail no matter what. I remember I gave Debbie just a few to plant in her backyard, to fill in a few bald spots in hard to grow places, before she knew it, she practically had an entire field, all from those three or four little plants.

I’m not sure why the two pictures are so different, the first one, I know I took during full sun, the second may have been overcast, it was a partially cloudy day or it could have been the editing tools on my iPad, there is the enhancing tool that makes the colors pop, but I wouldn’t think it would change it to this extent. I’m not sure. I kind of like going back and forth between the two.