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The lilies have all but faded, the ones up top are the last ones standing, sniff, sniff. Thank goodness for the upright phlox and the coneflowers; they have pretty awesome staying power, their colors keep me smiling. I am still waiting for my hydrangea and my clematis to bloom, they don’t need to rush, I want August to squeak by as slowly as possible.

My vegetable garden has gotten so wild and riotous, it’s hard to tell where one plant starts and another finishes, it’s a big happy mess of flowers and vegetables. I have learned quite a bit for next year.

All in all I would say my vegetable garden experiment was a success and very worth while, having your own tomatoes and your cucumbers, your own salad makes such a difference, not just in the quality of what you put in your body, but also in your mindset. You see first hand how difficult it can be to grow your own food, while in some ways, how easy it is to provide healthy produce right in your backyard. It awakens an appreciation for the complex relationship between us, our environment, our climate and our committment to working and nurturing the garden beyond sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings. I think it’s a relationship that needs to be broadened to all aspects of society, get many back in touch with our roots, our land and our ecosystem.

I’m lucky, I have an innate love for all things dirt, plant life, growing and nurturing, my love affair with gardening is a no brainer, it comes naturally to me. I just didn’t know I had it in me for a long time, I am grateful I found it.