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I had a wonderful lunch at the restaurant B & G Oysters, I started with guess what? Oysters! I tried three varieties and my favorite was the local variety from Wellfleet MA, they were small in size and briny, that is how I love my oysters, when I can almost taste the ocean as I am slurping them down.

The main course was a delicious and light Halibut ceviche with a chorizo vinaigrette, picked cherry tomatoes and sliced radishes. Ceviche means fish cooked in an acid, the vinaigette was the acid and I adore seafood and chorizo sausage together, the spiceness and saltiness pair incredibly well with both seafood and shellfish. I barely spoke a word during lunch, I listened to the conversation around me, while I ate and ate until everything was cleaned off my plate.

I am glad I thought to take pictures of the South End area of Boston, it is so lovely and different from the usual neighborhood we stay at which is near the North End. I love the beautiful, old world brownstones highlighted by beautiful plants, vines and gardens, I can almost imagine being in London when I walk around the South End. Trees, gardens and plants make gorgeous companions to brownstones. Isn’t it so lovely?