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I hope the audio works for everyone because without it, the narrative gets lost. I’ll do my best to set it up just in case this will be a silent film Jack festival. lol On Sunday, our daughter had her friends over and they are the proud parents of an adorable little boy, a fearless toddler, Jack met his soulmate. Lulu was great, but she is more focused on Jack and the dog next door, Vera, so she smelled and licked the little tyke and that was pretty much it.

Jack on the other hand fell head over heels in love,  it was the sweetest thing, at one point, my husband and I were in our living room watching t.v and we kept hearing this mournful little howl, it was Jack calling for his baby.

The videos up above are showing Jack’s devotion to his baby, we kept him inside to give the toddler and his parents a break because Jack had been barking his ear piercing bark, the one he uses to alert us to “danger” he didn’t want the toddler in the water, Jack was getting annoying to everyone outside who wanted to swim in peace. So back inside he went and where Jack goes, Lulu usually follows.

On a footnote to the second video, not only did Jack pull back the door strip, he was throwing his little body against the door, trying to bust through, he was bound and determined to be reunited with his baby.

Thankfully, he eventually calmed down and came back to his Maman, he fell asleep on my lap with Lulu resting right beside him. All was right with the world once more.