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This experience growing my own vegetables is so very different from the last time; last time I hadn’t a clue as to what I was doing, I especially didn’t appreciate the importance of location or sun exposure, morning versus afternoon, full shade versus dappled shade, it is so much more rewarding this time around.

Our first head of green leaf lettuce grown by yours truly, tonight’s salad will be interesting, it will remind me of eating salad at my uncle’s house, my aunt right before lunchtime would go outside in the back with her sharp knife, cut a lettuce head from the base and leave it to soak in cold water for a bit, spin it around and dress it up with her own vinaigrette.

I wasn’t expecting this many squash to be ready for harvest, I knew there were two big enough to be picked, but as I went through the larger squash plants, each one held at least two primed for the picking. I have so many squash plants, most are still small, so this is just the beginning of a long growing season, if the weather holds up like this until mid fall, I could be picking vegetables for a while.

It’s fun when your plants cooperate. lol