The first two images are of the actual prison that was attacked and overrun the 14th of July 1789, ironically there weren’t any political prisoners left, just a few old men in prison for debts and perversion, funny enough the Marquis de Sade was in prison around that time, but just days before the actual storming, he was transferred to an insane asylum, fortuitously for him, he was set free from there and went on to become a judge for future trials and sentencing during the Reign of Terror. He was subsequently fired because he didn’t send enough prisoners to the guillotine, when I say fired, I mean he was arrested yet once again and thrown in jail. He still managed to evade the guillotine and remained in prison until the Reign of Terror eventually blew over.

Fast forward two hundred some odd years later and I had a few occasions to be in Paris during the 14th of July celebrations and they are beautiful, full of ceremony, pomp and circumstance and later on at night, fireworks of course. The Eiffel Tower is resplendent with all of the beautiful colors exploding all around her.

Bonne Fete!