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 We felt like laughing this week and with these two movies, laughter came very easily. While we were staying in Secaucus, N.J we watched Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon and Sophia Vergera in our room; I hope I didn’t disturb the neighbors too much with my big bursts of laughter, there were a lot of scenes, all of them with Reese Witherspoon where my mouth just burst open with deep down belly laughter, she was so funny. I know that Sophia Vergera is a very talented comedic actress so I was expecting to laugh out loud with her, but I hadn’t seen Reese Witherspoon in comedy since the days of Legally Blonds and even then she was cute, just not hysterically funny, here she was priceless. We really, really enjoyed watching the movie.

I have been looking forward to seeing Minions ever since the first trailer was shown sometime last year. Despicable Me, both of them, were great animated movies, not just meant for kids, adults were invited in on the inside jokes, and there is where my little love affair started with the cute little buggers. This time we got to know Kevin, Bob and Stuart, adorable trio of love, laughs and enthusiasm. What makes them great is despite the fact their raison d’etre is to be minions to some evil boss, they approach their quest with all of the love and optimism you can imagine. I just love them, too bad they don’t exist because I would be adopting Kevin, Bob and Stuart in a heartbeat.