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 Funny how small miracles can happen underneath our noses and we are blind to them, until we open our eyes and find them. I was walking around the back to see what had changed, bloomed and grown, my eyes were drawn to a plant that was out of place and crowding my last healthy hosta along the fence to boot; I thought it was a weed, but no, it’s some variety of tomato plant. The leaves with the fuzzy stems and the smell of the plant tell me it’s a tomato plant, I’m so curious to see what it produces in the coming weeks.

My small crop of wild strawberries comes courtesy of birds or some other wildlife, I didn’t plant these small jewels. They are popping up everywhere in my yard, I don’t mind, they are so very pretty and delicate amidst the other plants.

My bougainvillea is producing so many blossoms, this is the first year I have seen blooms on the tree part of the bougainvillea, normally the blooms have only been on the newer, smaller offshoots. It’s going to be magnificent in full bloom, so very exciting!