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I had hoped the pansies might have recovered from the hard rain, but after a week, there wasn’t any hope left. When I touched them to see about digging them up, they fell away from the roots, they were way passed life, so I replaced all of them with these lovely zinnias, a steal at Ray’s nursery in Southwick, buy 1 get one free.

The plant sale was hard to walk through, I wanted to buy every plant I saw and bring them home, it took a lot of discipline and focus to buy just what I wrote on my list at home. I knew that I wanted to fill one of the rectangular containers with herbs and the rest with annuals, but walking along the rows of perennials and other annuals was so very tempting. I did get some more vegetable plants, I added brussel sprouts and regular bell peppers to my vegetable patch.

I have to confess that I broke down at the last second before leaving Ray’s and got a few perennials that I am excited about, a white balloon flower plant, russian sage and the orange and yellow self-seeding plant, I forgot its name but I love its colors. I couldn’t help myself, they were calling me; “psst Miss Laurie take us home, save us!”