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I decided to trim back the bleeding heart, which to my constant surprise just keeps getting bigger and mulitplying, year after year, to give some breathing room to my second lily plant in the background. That’s when I discovered what those rascally rabbits have been up to, munching on their leaves, filling their bellies. These rabbits are so lucky that I don’t unleash Jack on their butts, but we live to close to Rte 23 and Jack might get hit by a car. 

Now this is what its sister lily looks like, the one that is out in the open, safe from becoming a chew toy and snack.

The difference is mindblowing isn’t it? 

I finally got around to attaching some screen material around the base of my clematis, but I wasn’t in time to prevent two of the shoots from being chomped on, but I did get it in time to protect the other two, so theoreticallly they should be safe for the rest of the summer and I should get some pretty blossoms this year. I really missed my pretty clematis last year and actually I think that it has been two years since I have had a clemtais bloom.

So let’s see what other hijinks these rascally rabbits can come up with next time.