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There is something so miraculous and cool when nature rewards you with a present. These gorgeous day lilies are a new addition to my garden and I didn’t buy or plant them. They just appeared this year, thanks to the birds I think, could it be something else, wind, chipmunk, squirrel, butterfly or bee? I don’t know and who am I to look a gifthorse in the mouth, mine is not to question but to be thankful, at least in this instance. They are so sleek and elegant, a nice change from the more traditional tiger lilies I have everywhere.


  I have more zucchini blossoms. I also bought more vegetable plants, now I have Kohl Rabi, brussel sprouts, celery plus more peppers and tomatoes. My small patch of blackberries are starting to ripen along with my wild strawberries near the pool. Things are happening in the Nichols garden, very exciting.