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My first yellow squash blossom! If I had been here during the week, I might have done somethig with the one blossom, but now thinking about it, I seriously doubt it. Blossoms mean vegetables and right now, I have a lot of blossoms, so theoretically, it means a bumper crop for me. I am hoping for many, many eggplants; my mother will be very happy, eggplant is her favorite.

The peppers are looking quite healthy and happy; the cucumber plants  are getting bigger and the lettuce seems well established where they are; all in all this patch of soil is doing wonders to what I planted, much better than the area I had tilled almost twenty years ago. I am so excited.





I have new roses to photograph, my daisies are coming up and the lilies are out in force everywhere. It smells very nice outside in my garden. I am blessed.