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We are on the road again and I miss the kids of course, but I also miss Jack and Lulu, my lap feels so empty. Before Lulu, my lap felt empty without Jack, but now that Lulu has maneuvered herself as part and parcel of the lap brigade, my legs feel doubly naked without my canine blanket.

These two love each other very much, when they are wet from the rain outside, they lick each other “dry” lol and they love sharing whichever couch they choose to hog, but of course laying on Maman is the best, however if my iPad is in the way, they still find ways to have some part of their body touch mine.

The way they surround me while we lounge, reminds me of the times when my son and daughter would be happy sitting on other side of me as we watched t.v while I read my book; they both poke fun at me because I watch t.v with my iPad attached to my lap at all times, but I think that they have forgotten that prior to the iPad or the Chromebook, my nose was constantly buried in a book. 

The written word has always been my weakness, I identify with the character that Burgess Meredith played in the haunting episode of The Twilight Zone where he was locked in a bank vault, the world blows up, he emerged unscathed, is overwhelmed by the thought of peace and quiet, finally able to devour books at his leisure and Boom he trips, falls and breaks his glasses. Absolute Horror.

We’ll be home soon, looking forward to the squeals and the jumping for joy at our return, don’t worry, the children don’t do that, the joy is only exhibited by the dogs. lol