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Genetically Modifed Organisms are EVIL! That is all that I can tell you. I will not give away any spoilers, but the movie was not a disappointment by any measure. Thankfully it had the appropriate amount of laughs because if not, my heart could not have stood it. The casting was tremendous and I was so excited to see one of my new favorite French actors Omar Sy

  He was in the touching French movie “Les Intouchables” and I found him to be a magnetic and charismatic actor. I have to confess that throughout the suspenseful parts, I kept my fingers crossed whispering please don’t get eaten, please don’t get eaten.

The boys of course were the heart and soul of the movie, both dealing with personal issues that were happening within their nuclear family yet completely out of their control. 

Actually control was a word and concept consistently mentioned and addressed throughout the movie; from the animals, the situtation and the people.

When the movie ended there was a round of applause, it’s not often that I hear applause after a movie, thinking back now, I wonder if they were applauding living in a world dinosaur free. I don’t think that I would be a survivor, I don’t run very fast and I lack stamina nowadays. I am very happy to be living in a dinosaur free universe.

Steven Speilberg has once again helped shape another layer to the Jurassic dimension that was gripping, suspenseful, clever, and even heartwarming at times. He is most definitely a master at the art of storytelling. I realize that he wasn’t the director, but you can feel his touch all over the movie.