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My hands, if you look at them closely, are definitely not idle hands. They may not be the most productive, but they are most certainly always up to something. Last summer when my cousin and her friends came to New York, (they became my friends as well) Claudine, as the videographer as well as photographer, made a short film of their adventures and my hands played a small role in the film. Cluadine was filming me as I was telling a story and at one point, the camera was off my face and focused on my hands which were speaking as animatedly as my mouth. lol

My hands show a history of falling, cooking, chopping, slicing, spilling, not paying attention and just being stupid. My latest burn on my left wrist is a tale of stupidity. I had two to go cartons in a pastic bag and two cups of coffee with lids on in my hands. Instead of putting everything down while I inserted my room key into the door; I thought that I could juggle two cups in one hand, the plastic bag hanging off my elbow and with the other, one handedly open the door, enter the room and close the door quietly without spilling anything. Guess what, I was wrong! I could have spared my wrist a good deal of pain if I had simply put everything down on the floor, opened the door gracefully and carefully, kept the door open with my bottom and picked everything off of the floor and put it down gently so tha I can close the door quietly, pick everything back up and put it on the table. If I had used my common sense, that is instead of thinking that I, of all people, could juggle anything, I drop stuff all of the time; believing that I didn’t have the time, was my first mistake. I had all of the time in the world; next time I won’t be so convinced that I can’t slow down.