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I have been internally beating myself up because I hate the way I look and feel, I feel heavy and bloated. I may have been harsh in my self-assessment , but I haven’t been very honest with myself; instead of being actively engaged in physical exercises,  even if not strenuously, it would still be doing something instead of nothing, I have been complaining and wallowing in negativity.

This weekend I decided enough was enough, my passiveness was going to end. I started to do small exercises on my own just to kick my bottom into a proactive mindset.


The Sphinx back press is a yoga pose that works the back muscles and the triceps, I like it because it allows me to work my arms without too much stress, allowing me to gradually build up my arm strength so that I can eventually graduate to more intensive yoga postions. I am basically doing baby pushups and that is fine by me.

The abdominal exercises are also a gradual buildup to more intensive poses later on. My goal is to reincorporate yoga back into my daily routine, I miss the days when my great friend Mary and I used to do yoga once a week for an hour and a half. 

My daughter has been doing yoga for over a month now and she is ecstatic about her progress and how much better she feels over all. I am going to follow her example.

I realize that just sitting here, feeling bad, isn’t the right way to manage my existence. I need to engage in moving my muscles, circulating my blood and jumpstarting the production of endorphins, serotonins, all the good stuff that floods the brain when the body is properly used.

So far I have been doing these simple exercies every day and I plan to make them a habit, I want to feel better and I also want to feel good about myself. No one can do that for me, it is up to me to step up to the plate and do it for myself.