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As you can see, I have four different  varieties, I don’t know their names, but even if I did, it wouldn’t help me pick a favorite. Each of them has something that I adore looking at; their delicate petals, the architecture of the bloom, the combination of purple and yellow and the staggered length of bloom time, what isn’t there to love?

I wondered where the name Iris came from, so I googled and found a wonderful website http://www.davesgarden.com which provided a great answer. According to them the Iris was named after the goddess Iris, a lesser goddess who was one of the herald’s of the Gods, she used the rainbow as her bridge between realms, taking messages to and fro, traveling at speeds mere mortals could never imagine or see.
Being a Greek mythology enthusiast, I thought that was brilliant, a gorgeous flower with a great backstory, it makes my batch of Iris even more special.