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Business took my husband and I to Newburyport, MA, a place that we haven’t been back to since the late 1990’s. It has changed, but just a little bit, it got busier, otherwise it is still the quaint small town near the water with charming storefronts and lovely little restaurants featuring seafood and other New England fare.

We stayed at the Clark Currier Inn, if you ever find yourself in Newburyport, do stop in and stay the night. The Innn is the quintessential New England Inn, full of hospitality and kindness. When I walked inside I was made welcome as soon as the proprietor saw me and he showed me the entire first floor where we had our room, the Clark Room, and the open drawing room, the dining room and the breakfast room. I fell in love with the place.



  I found the entire house to be a treasure and I will be sure to go to TripAdvisor and write a great review for them.  We also found a great local restaurant called the Park Lunch on Merrimac Street  and I had the best fried shrimp that I have ever had in my life. They were lightly battered, but that wasn’t the  winning point, the shrimp themselves made it so memorable, they were fried to perfection, not overdone in the least, they still had that firm bite which is always indicative of a perfectly sauteed shrimp, I had never experienced that with fried shrip before and having done so last night, has spoiled me forever with fried shrimp.

This little overnight trip to a lovely small town in MA was just what I needed to lift the grey feeling from deep within, I feel so much better now.