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Our backyard is finally looking alive and thriving. It doesn’t look the same as last year which is fine, some things have gone and others aren’t responding as quickly, but that is to be expected. I still cannot get over how much of an impact two brutal winters can have on otherwise hearty plants.


Writing and posting picture of my gardens helps with all of the traveling that my husband and I do, when I look at my pictures, it feels like I have a piece of home with me. It also brings to mind all of the enjoyment that our backyard brings to the kids and the dogs. Lulu has discovered the freedom of the outside and you can’t keep her inside nowadays, she knows to push against the screen door with her nose and boom she is outside with Jack fast on her heels.

Our son vacuumed the pool and even took a dip yesterday, the water is still cold, but he said it felt great since he had gone for a run. I am sure that our daughter will be in the pool eventually, once she has enough time off from work. She is a trooper working two jobs, I am very proud of her. I am proud of both of my children, they are so helpful with whatever we ask of them. They are both good eggs.